Innovative Reforms: Recent Changes in Intellectual Property Laws in Mexico

Intellectual property is one of the most rapidly evolving areas of law. This field ranges from copyrights and patents to trademarks and trade secrets. In Mexico, we have seen significant reforms in this area to adapt to the digital age and the needs of the global economy. Below we will explore two of the most important.

  1. Amendment to the Federal Copyright Law

In 2020, a reform to this law was approved that addressed several important aspects in relation to the digital environment. Among these, the implementation of technological protection measures to protect the rights of authors and artists in the digital environment stands out, as well as the introduction of the figure of “notice and withdrawal” for the elimination of infringing content on the Internet.

  1. Reform to the Industrial Property Law

In 2020, a significant reform to the Industrial Property Law was also approved. This reform introduced changes in the regulations of patents, industrial designs and denominations of origin, and implemented the figure of the opposition procedure in the registration of trademarks. In addition, it also incorporated new crimes in the matter of industrial property to the Federal Penal Code.

These reforms are essential to keep Mexico in tune with global trends in intellectual property and to ensure that creators and businesses can protect and benefit from their innovations and creations.

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