Discovering the World of Law: A Look at the Newest Mexican Laws

The world of law is constantly evolving. Laws change and adapt to reflect emerging realities and the needs of society. In Mexico, this dynamic is no different. In recent years, we have seen significant legislative changes in several areas. Here, we will highlight some of the most notable ones.

  1. Fintech Law

The Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions, also known as the Fintech Law, is one of the most revolutionary laws of the last decade. This legislation, which came into force in 2018, provides a legal framework for financial technology companies, including cryptocurrencies, electronic payments, crowdfunding, and other forms of digital financial services. The Fintech Law has put Mexico on the map as one of the leaders in financial technology regulation, seeking to protect consumers while promoting innovation.

  1. General Archives Law

Implemented in 2019, this law represents a major change in the way public and private archives are managed, preserved and accessed. This law demands greater transparency and promotes access to public information, which represents significant progress towards accountability and the strengthening of democracy.

  1. Amnesty Law

Enacted in 2020, this law seeks to address some of the injustices in the Mexican penal system. The Amnesty Law offers the possibility of release to certain groups of people who have been convicted of specific crimes under particular circumstances, such as women convicted of abortion, people convicted of non-violent drug crimes, and people convicted of crimes committed out of necessity or in self-defense.

  1. Reform to the Federal Labor Law

In 2019, Mexico approved a reform of the Federal Labor Law that seeks to improve working conditions, promote union democracy, and prevent labor exploitation. The reform includes measures to guarantee free association and collective bargaining, as well as to prevent and punish forced labor and discrimination at work.

These are just some of the newest and most significant Mexican laws. Each one represents an important step towards a more equitable, inclusive and modern Mexico. We will continue to explore these topics and more in future posts. The evolution of the Mexican legal framework reflects the ongoing commitment to adaptation and improvement, offering fascinating perspectives on the future of law and justice in Mexico.

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