About Us

McKITRICK is a law firm based in Mexico City, specialized in providing the highest quality legal services in Corporate Law, Insolvency Law, Administrative Law, and Strategic Litigation (Civil, Commercial, Corporate Criminal and Administrative).

We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, efficient, and cutting-edge legal and business solutions, always aligned with our guiding principles: honesty and zero corruption.



At McKITRICK LEGAL, we have a wide range of clients, from leading companies to governmental entities and financial institutions. Our partners and collaborative team provide personalized and first class attention in every legal matter, creating effective strategies that generate the maximum benefit for our clients.


Understanding our clients' businesses allows us to identify and mitigate the risks of their operations. In this way, we help them to become more efficient, competitive and successful. We also serve as active members and secretaries of the board of directors of several of our clients. 

Our Team

Composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals in various legal areas.

Roberto J. Andrade Martínez


Roberto specializes in providing legal advisory services in the areas of Corporate Law, Telecommunications Law, Infrastructure, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal Audit, Civil, Administrative and Commercial Litigation.

Sebastian de la Mora Aguirre


Sebastian specializes in providing legal advisory services in the areas of Corporate Law, Telecommunications Law, Real Estate and Infrastructure Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal Audit, as well as Civil, Administrative and Commercial Litigation.


Alhondra Berumen


Graduated from UNAM Law School, with honors, expert in Civil – Commercial and Administrative Litigation.

Aura Clavijo


Graduated from Universidad Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario in Colombia. In the area of Corporate Law.

Emmanuel Diaz Ramírez


Law graduate from UP (Universidad Panamericana), appointed to patrimonial and asset protection as well as specialized litigation in contests and bankrupcy.

Gustavo De Alba Campomanes


Graduated from the Law School of the UNAM, responsible for the National Network of Lawyers and for the study and opinion in Administrative matters.

José Fernando Carrasco Campos


Graduated from the Law School of the UNAM. Responsible for Section B of Commercial Bankruptcies.

Oscar Alexis Yañez Jimenez


Law graduate from UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), appointed to Contests and bankruptcy apartment.

Pablo Ventosa


Graduated from the Universidad Panamericana with a specialty in Commercial Law Institutions. Responsible for Section A of Commercial Bankruptcies.

Pedro López


Graduated from UVM with a Master’s Degree in Justice Administration and Oral Trial. Litigator since 2011 in Criminal Matters. Criminal Lawyer in the Corporate Law area.

Raquel González


Graduated from the Insurgentes University, specialist in the Civil-Commercial area.

National Network of Legal Services

McKITRICK has a nationwide Network of Lawyers, which allows us to cover practically the entirety of the Mexican Republic, making us a cutting-edge Firm in offering these services and the only one with full national coverage.

McKITRICK has taken special care that our Network of Lawyers is governed by the best international practices in the fight against corruption, in accordance with the provisions issued by the applicable laws, statutes, regulations and codes, taking as standard the provisions pertinent to the Law. United States Foreign Corrupt Practices (FCPA).